What Do We Do?

We are a technology-based company with over 20 years of experience in the development of turnkey projects for specific solutions.

We are organized into four departments: MicroElectronics, Maintenance, Computing and the Electronics Laboratory covering a variety of sectors and projects and, at the same time, being autonomous in the execution of our services.

Since 2014 we are focusing our efforts in the agriculture sector and IOT, developing and manufacturing components for sprayers and recently for spot sprayers which use AI to improve its performance.

We have used all our expertise gained in high demanding sectors to achieve precision farming to success.

ambimetrics_lAMBIMETRICS S.L

Thanks to our desire to improve the service to our clients and to increase our competitiveness, AMBIMENTRICS is nowadays ready not only to provide Software packages which complement the industrial equipment of the companies, but also to satisfy our clients

We create added value:  I + D + I

AMBIMETRICS has run away from the integrator´s rol in order to develop solutions which give the client a piece of added value.

Within the projects we carry out we combine commercial sensors and equipment with our owns products, not for nothing we have been granted with two patents, one in the nuclear sector and the other one in the hidraulics one.

Following our enterprising and innovative spirit we have deveoped products to cover our clients´demands by means of
customized developments that suply the market´s lacks.