We enjoy of a very experienced team with more than 10 years working on projects related with the detail engineering for instrumentation, control and process documentation. AMBIMETRICS has its own CAD department and software consultancy department which allow us to offer our clients:

  • Software analysis and design (new developments, improvements and integration into old systems)
  • Consultancy and counseling service.
  • Wiring sketches and diagrams and process plans.
  • Preventive maintenance management.
  • Instruments connection and implementation.
  • Electronic cards development and manufacturing.
  • Instrumentation equipment and systems development and manufacturing.
  • Software applications development and implementation.
  • Assembly and start up.

As designer, manufacturer and equipment installer:

We supply, turnkey procurement contract, systems for the processes and plants automated control.
We also supply remote vigilance systems for processes and plants. These systems work via telephone, radio or satellite and they incorporate quality control and packing techniques which considerably reduce both the information volume to be transmitted and the data losses.

The micro computer science department has a design and manufacturing section which is able to solve, in a competitive way, digital and analogical circuitry problems. This section designs, modifies and manufactures the required electronic cards. In this way it has the proper software to generate circuitry schemes and printed circuit cards, as well as assembly of electronic components.