What we do?

We are a technology-based company with more than 20 years of experience in the development of hand-in-hand projects for specific solutions.

We are organized into four departments: microelectronics, maintenance, software and the electronics laboratory covering a wide range of sectors and projects and at the same time being autonomous in the execution of our services.

Since 2014 we have focused on IOT and agriculture sector, developing and manufacturing advanced sprayer components and more recently spot sprayer which use AI to improve its performance.

Thanks to the experience gained in the high demanding sectors where we had worked we have achieved Precision Farming to succeed.


Our Approach

Thanks to our desire to improve our service to our customers and increase our competitiveness, Ambimetrics is currently prepared not only to provide software packages that complement the industrial equipment of companies, but also to satisfy our customers.

Our Quality Policy

Ambimetrics S.L. is an engineering company which operates in the area of technology. It offers technical solutions related to electronics and computers. Our main objective is to find solutions to our customers needs, ensuring the highest quality service and an absolute respect for the environment and the health and safety of our employees.

This can only be achieved by:
A continuous contact with our clients and our firm commitment to provide the best solutions in each case.

Compliance with the laws applied to our activity and other requirements related to environmental care and work safety.

Compliance with the commitments to our customers, according to deadlines and quality previews.

A continuous improvement of our processes and the effectiveness of its quality management system.

A continuous improvement of environmental management and pollution prevention.

A continuous improvement of the performance and management of health and safety at work and the prevention of health damage. Highly skilled employees who are involved with the objectives of Ambimetrics SL.

This quality policy has been communicated and understood by all the employees who work within the organization. They are aware of their individual obligations regarding quality, environmental care and safety at work. In addition, this policy is the framework for setting our objectives and goals of quality, environment and occupational safety. It is periodically reviewed in order to ensure its continuous accuracy with the activities and services of the organization.